• Sjezdové carvingové lyže

    Sjezdové carvingové lyže

    The flagships of our ski collection equipped with the finest materials and physically based shapes will move you a big step forward in your carving experience.

  • Sjezdové All Mountain Lyže

    Sjezdové All Mountain Lyže

    The Meister All Mountain skis are the innovative new shape of skis on the market. It is the optimum crossover between Freeride and Alpine Skis. One ski for all type of skiing!

  • Freeride Lyže

    Freeride Lyže

    The Meister freeride skis are designed for going steep and deep in powder. But every powder skiing always ends  up somewhere where edge grip is necessary and then you appreciate also the possibility for carving.

  • Dětské lyže

    Dětské lyže

    The Meister kids skis are the first sandwich full carbon Kevlar construction skis for our future ski champions. Faster learning and higher safety.

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