Czech - German company Meister Ltd. was founded in 2015 to separate ski and snowboard production of German company VIRUS (founded in 1984 by Frank Dietzel, more info on www.virus-snowsports.com).
 VIRUS has proven to be very successful on the market with their high quality, handmade sports products.
It has been manufacturing snowboards for 30 years and the skis have been in production for over 20 years. 
Frank Dietzel, the founder and main technology developer of all VIRUS products, is a former snowboard contestant and the snowboard production has always been his priority. However, in recent years the demand for high quality handmade skis has steadily grown.

In 2014 Frank Dietzel and Michaela Meisterova, enthusiastic skier from
 the Czech Republic who originally tested the skis for VIRUS, decided to found a new  company - Meister-Ski Ltd.
 Meister-Ski Ltd. uses all VIRUS experiences and know-how and is dedicated exclusively to ski production, its innovation and the development of processing technology. 
The new company introduces a new brand “MEISTER“.

Meister skis have one main feature: “elliptical side cut”, which is an absolutely breakthrough parameter in ski production technology and skiʼs ride ability.
 This technically and financially difficult approach is not profitable in a large-scale production and mainstream. That is why Meister wants to let its clients and skiers, who appreciate quality and the pleasure of ride, experience and benefit from this feature in the foundation of every Meister ski.

First Meister skis were tested in 2014/2015 season. The collection is based on well established and proven VIRUS models but were made various changes in processing, was increased the range and new models were added into the collection.

The official launch for brand MEISTER is season 2015/2016!