Philosophy and Technology 

People always comment about our unique ski design when they see Meister skis for the very fist time. 
Of course the design is very important, but quality and high performance matter even more to us. We strive to offer a product that has it all.

Meister Ski is a high performance, top quality and lifestyle product.

1) Technology

With more than 20 years experience of developing and creating new types of skis, Meister is a company that builds its skis on physically based shapes with the use of innovative technique “elliptical side cut” (a cut made from 8 different radii from 12 to 40)! A ski built like this allows the rider to change his turns from wide to narrow easily, he is not limited by the radius which the ski gives him. This technology allows for more safety and a smoother ride. Superior edge grip on icy slopes and very smooth and stable ride also in rough slope conditions. If these skis get a hit from bumps they automatically get back into the turn, thanks to the physically based shape technology of Meister. Our goal is to achieve maximum safety in combination with maximum fun.

This is what the co-founder Michaela Meisterova says about her first experience with “elliptical side cut” skis:

“I have tried many skis, I am a very demanding client but I have never found skis that would suit all snow and ride conditions. The ski radius needlessly limits a skier. Why should you let the radius limit you when you are simply going skiing for fun, and not taking a part in a competition where the radius is specified. And suddenly, you realize that there is something on the market totally unappreciated and unused. That there exists an absolutely breakthrough technique of ski making. And you think to yourself: Why doesn’t anybody use it? Now, I understand, the processing technology is demanding, both technically and financially. But I knew right from the start that a great challenge lies ahead of me, that enthusiastic skiers are missing out on this very unique feature (parameter).”

2) Materials Used and Quality of processing

“Quality begins on the inside....then works its way out.”

A combination of the highest quality materials like Carbon, Kevlar and Titanal, and a full ash wood core sandwich construction, together with the above mentioned technical qualities, enables our skis to have an incredible performance.

We use extra thick edges and a very fast Nano high speed Race base. These edges can be ground more often than edges on industrial skis. That gives our skis extended lifetime and much more durability.

The wood we use is FSC certified and is bought from our local suppliers. Our skis are handmade by workers with 10 - 20 years of experience and they are very proud of each ski they make.

3) Design, Lifestyle, Unique, Custom made

“Be Unique with Meister Skis!”

Lastly, we would like to mention our unique design. 
Fashion is part of a modern lifestyle. Fashion is a hobby. Even skis and their design can play a part in our fashion image, our lifestyle. Meister Skis are different, they are made for skiers who will appreciate not only their performance, but also their uniqueness.
 Each client can choose a combination of wood and carbon according to their own taste.
 We offer our clients an option to personalize their skis with their initials, name etc. 
Team Meister is here for you, it is here to make your unique skis.


“Top quality is not for compromise.”

* We are proud to be environmentally friendly and produce most of the electricity we use from our own solar power plant. We use no tropical wood.